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Hello, I am Matt Halvorson. I have been working on computers and programming since I was a kid with my Commodore 64. Through college I worked freelance on computers and that is when I started my website. When I graduated from Arizona State University, I took a full time job working for Tri-City College Prep as their Technology Director. I also had contracted worked for the Yavapai County Accommodations School District on their computer networks. Working for these two types of schools was very different and challenged me in several ways to keep up security. The TCP students are probably too smart for their own good and the YASD students had no fear. Needless to say between the two of them they made me stay at the top of my game. After a while the YASD needed more help then I had time to provide so I turned it over to another company and started teaching server classes for Yavapai College in the evenings. I have found that a job working IT for TCP and then teaching IT to students allows me to give insights in my classes that the students may not otherwise receive.

Although working on computers and networks is fun and challenging I didn’t really get to challenge the creative part of my brain so I picked up photography as a hobby.  Don’t get me wrong I enjoy computers too but it is hard to enjoy something as much when you do it every day and not just on weekends. My photography hobby started off with landscapes but quickly after I started getting requests for portraits. Since then I have started photographing, weddings, models, pets as well as many other subjects. If you would like to see some of my work feel free to visit my photography webstie: MattHalvorsonPhotography.com